Derailed Wiki

Players, Characters and Locations[]

Player Chars

  • Grant - Nikolai
  • Brandon - Paft Lurdigan
  • Eric - Paul Blart 5000
  • Matt - DM

Other Chars

  • Arch-Pontifex Chedder Bits
  • KJ 2500


  • Space station orbiting Saturn

Episode Overview[]

The year is 4545. Paft Lurdigan, and Nikolai awaken to find themselves surrounded by military hardware. Paul Blart 5000 appears and dumps them out of the railcar into the pit of a gladiatorial theater, where they are to participate in a historical re-enactment of The Battle of Stalingrad. The event is presided over by Arch Pontifex Chedder Bits, and attended by a crowd of overweight dalmatians wearing SCUBA and snorkeling gear, and a small number of fish-people.